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Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Products

Document Number GR-2923
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Feb 2010

    ABSTRACT: This document presents the Telcordia view of generic requirements and objectives for Optical Connector Cleaning Products (OCCPs). OCCPs
    are products designed for easy cleaning of optical connectors in the field. In the Telcordia view, these requirements should be met in
    order to provide for satisfactory operation in a telecommunications environment. Users of this document may select from these
    requirements those that are appropriate for a particular fiber optic application.

    The document is also an effort to present fundamental issues that effect the performance of cleaning methods and their ability to
    clean soils from various types of optical connectors.

    This document includes significant background information, general requirements, desired features, generic optical requirements, and
    test methods for comparing cleaning products and methods against the stated generic requirements. The specified test methods are
    intended to reflect the typical telecommunications operational conditions for these optical connector cleaning products.

    Issue 2 contains the following changes:
    • Effective solvents are examined

    • A more expansive and comprehensive list of soils to contaminate and test the effectiveness of the cleaning material or procedure is

    • Effective non-cellulose wipers are examined

    • A customizable methodology is presented to allow individual companies to test products that may provide a better and more unique
      solution to their particular problems.

    When using GR-2923, you may need to refer to GR-326, GR-2759, and GR-839.

    Issue 2 of GR-2923, Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber Connector Cleaning Products, replaces Issue 1.
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