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High-Speed Access for Network Operations

Document Number GR-2934
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Sep 1998

    ABSTRACT: GR-2934 discusses the present and future mode of software management of Network Elements (NEs) and presents a set of requirements for a high-speed access platform. While software management is the first application that has been considered for the high-speed access platform, other Operations Administration Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) applications that share the same infrastructure are described in the Appendixes of this document.

    In addition to Software Management, other OAM&P functions include Recent Change and Verification (RC/V), Usage Data Collection, Network Data Collection, and Maintenance Channel Interfaces. GR-2934 also presents a protocol migration strategy in order to move from the current dial-up architecture using proprietary protocols to an open systems architecture using standard protocols across a Data Communications Network (DCN). The DCN architecture, using a high-speed access platform, is expected to provide a number of benefits above the current schemes employed today.

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