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Generic Requirements for the Type of Address/Numbering - Plan Identifier (TOA/NPI) Address Format in X.25 and ISDN Networks

Document Number GR-2935
Issue Number 01
Updates REV01 - Dec 1997
Issue Date Dec 1996

    ABSTRACT: This document presents the Telcordia view of generic requirements for X.25-based networks to support the following:

    • the expansion of the E.164 numbering plan from a maximum of 12 digits to 15 digits.
    • the elimination of the E.164-to-X.121 escape code, which ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) subscribers use to signal X.121 addresses.
    • the Type Of Address/Numbering Plan Identifier (TOA/NPI) address block format.
    • interworking between the TOA/NPI format and the non-TOA/NPI format.

    The generic requirements apply to X.25 and X.75/X.75' interfaces of ISDN Packet Handler Functions (PHFs), and Public Packet Switched Network (PPSN) Packet Switches (PS's), Access Concentrators (ACs), and AC Packet Assembler/Disassemblers (AC/PADs).

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