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Transport Performance Management Based on the TMN Architecture

Document Number GR-2954
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1997

    ABSTRACT: This document provides detailed functional requirements for Transport Performance Management based on TMN principles and the Management Application Functions (MAFs) defined in GR-2869.

    Transport Performance Management receives and processes autonomous reports of performance degradation as well as raw performance data from transport NEs and provides critical control, filtering, and analysis of transport performance monitoring data for transport entities. Unnecessary or redundant data from the NEs are filtered out, impaired transport entities are recognized, and the root cause of the impairment identified. The performance of circuits and service instances are measured and proof of quality reports are generated for customers.Transport Performance Management, described in this document, is intended to be applicable to transport technologies in general. While specific examples are provided concerning DS1, DS3 and SONET transport, the concepts and functional descriptions and requirements are not limited to these technologies.

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