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Generic Requirements for Hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management Systems (EMSS)

Document Number GR-2955
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Nov 1998

    ABSTRACT: This document sets forth the view of Telcordia on the proposed generic requirements for hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management Systems (EMS's). The requirements in this GR apply to an EMS that manages SONET, ATM, and/or hybrid SONET/ATM transport network elements. The functionality addressed by the requirements includes Configuration Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Security Management, Accounting Management, and Common Operations Management. Functions relevant to interfaces with network elements and other management systems are identified at a high level.

    This reissue broadens the scope of network technologies and architectures and enhanced functionality for management of network connection protection.

    When using GR-2955, you may need to refer to GR-253, GR-496, GR-815, GR-1042, GR-1110, TR-NWT-001112, GR-1113, GR-1114, GR-1115, GR-1230, GR-1248, GR-1400, GR-2837, GR-2842, GR-2869, GR-2891,GR-2897, GR-2924, GR-2980, GR-2991, GR-3000, GR-3003, and/or GR-3004. You may also want to refer to GR-472, GR-820, GR-836, GR-836-IMD, GR-1093, GR-1250, GR-2955, and SR-3540.

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