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Generic Requirements for the Design and Manufacture of Short-Life Information Handling Products and Equipment

Document Number GR-2969
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1997

    ABSTRACT: Information system users expect a high degree of service availability. At the network level, this is achieved by employing
    fault-tolerant architectures, redundancy for critical network elements and their subsystems, and efficient fault detection and recovery

    For traditional telecommunications equipment with a design service life objective of at least 25 years, generic requirements for
    these network elements (switch, transport, cross-connect, etc.) are detailed in GR-78 and GR-357. However, as communications,
    computer, and consumer industries converge, equipment from newly emerging manufacturers do not conform to key reliability and
    technology requirements of GR-78 and GR-357 necessary to achieve long service life. Instead, equipment design and manufacturing
    processes result in equipment with service life objectives ranging from no defined value to, at most five years; and it for this
    category of equipment that this NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System)document is published. It is intended to facilitate rapid
    deployment so as to exploit market opportunities as they arise, and to allow network operators the necessary flexibility to mix and
    match different equipment categories (long-life and short-life) as needed to optimize network solutions in terms of performance and

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