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Future Voice Grade Special Access Services Configurations, Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface Combinations

Document Number GR-2983
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1997

    ABSTRACT: The addition of modern digital network elements and facilities to the telecommunications plant, the circuit architectures designed to accommodate the new technology, and customer expectations for increased transmission quality, logically lead to a simplified consolidation of the various Voice Grade Special Access (VGSA) services.

    This document provides the view of Telcordia on generic technical requirements for future configurations of VGSA services and IntraLATA (Local Access and Transport Area) Private Line Services (IPLS) offered by Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) to their customers. It provides a simplified consolidation of VGSA services and IPLS toward which Telcordia believes the network should evolve. The GR distinguishes between service features, defines valid interfaces for the services described, and provides transmission performance parameter limits used when assessing the quality of the channel over which the service is delivered.

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