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Business Group Access to Interexchange Carrier (IEC) Services Using ISDN Primary Rate Interface Requirements

Document Number GR-2987
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Sep 1998

    ABSTRACT: This document describes the switching and signaling procedures for the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) side of an ISDN PRI that connects
    to an InterExchange Carrier (IEC) switch.

    This document addresses the following features and capabilities: call control, access to Business Group Dialing Plan (BGDP) options
    and restrictions, Calling Number Identification Services, Calling Name Identification Services, specific IEC capabilities and services
    including call-by-call services defined by the IEC, and exchange of private networking information (e.g., originating line information
    and user entered code). Possible interface configurations may include a single DS1 using Facility Associated Signaling (FAS), multiple
    DS1 using Non-Facility Associated Signaling (NFAS), and multiple DS1s using NFAS
    with D-channel backup.

    This document assumes that the LEC side of the PRI is a member of a Business Group and supports the PRI user-side requirements
    described in GR-2985. Switching and signaling requirements for the IEC switch are beyond the scope of this document. Where
    appropriate, assumptions made about the IEC switch are stated.

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