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AS/LIDB-AS/LIDB Data Migration Interface Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-2992
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Apr 2009

    ABSTRACT: Issue 4 of GR-2992, AS/LIDB-AS/LIDB Data Migration Interface Generic Requirements, replaces Issue 3.

    This document provides the Telcordia view of generic requirements for the Line Information Database Administrative System (AS/LIDB)
    to AS/LIDB Data Migration Interface. The generic requirements for the interface include primarily the modes of data transfer, a data
    model, a data dictionary, and the application protocol used by the AS/LIDB. The application protocol is a set of conventions to manage
    communications between two entities.

    Data Migration refers to the actions taken in the case when the end-customers' data and their service providers' data need to be
    moved from one AS/LIDB to another. The generic requirements in this document apply to an AS/LIDB's assembling, formatting, and
    transferring data for use by another AS/LIDB. This document includes generic requirements for the predefined AS/LIDB data items, data
    item aggregates, and protocol procedures for the AS/LIDB-AS/LIDB data migration interface. It also defines procedures for transferring
    AS/LIDB custom elements used for GetData.

    Issue 4 incorporates the following:
    • Support for descriptions, format, and encoding rules for two new line elements (data items), and to add them to the GD
      aggregate of the logical data model and associated requirements. These elements are retrievable from LIDB via GetData and other
      wireless and IP-based protocols (e.g., LDAP)

    The two new line elements are:
    • Extended Name (EN) String

      ---This parameter can store up to 60 characters of name information associated with a Telephone number (TN), thus making available a
      longer version of the Generic Name String (currently limited to 15 characters).

    • Extended Name Presentation Indicator

      ---This indicator indicates whether the name associated with a TN is "public" or "private." An indication of "private" means that
      name presentation is not allowed for the Calling Name Delivery CLASS feature. An indication of "public" means that name presentation is

    When using GR-2992, you may need to refer to GR-1158, GR-1149, GR-954, GR-446, GR-2828, GR-1188, and/or
    GR-1173, You may also want to refer to GR-3103, GR-3697, and/or SR-OPT-001826.

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