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ISDN BRI Trunk Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-2997
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jan 1999
Replaces GR-2997-CD Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-2997, ISDN BRI Trunk Generic Requirements, provides the call processing, access signaling, and operations requirements for the ISDN BRI Trunk feature. ISDN BRI Trunk allows a collection of ISDN BRIs to be treated as a group for the purposes of originating and terminating calls, and for provisioning capabilities and features. Call control procedures are based on GR-268, and include modifications to provide the equivalent of Direct Inward Dialing and Direct Outward Dialing. In addition to support for call control and operations, these requirements also provide the incremental requirements necessary to provide these BRI features on the BRI members of the BRI Trunk group: Calling Number Identification Services, Calling Name, Call Forwarding Busy and Call Forwarding Don't Answer. BRI Trunk specific operations requirements include provisioning, maintenance, surveillance, and billing. A new BRI Trunk group view is used to simplify provisioning.

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