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Generic Requirements for Security of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Supporting Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)

Document Number GR-3025
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Aug 2001

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements document (GR) provides information on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for a Telecommunications Management Network (TMN). This GR also provides requirements for TMN PKI components and other TMN components using PKI services. These requirements are intended to support effective PKI operations and promote secure interoperability among all TMN components when public key technology is used to implement TMN security services. Note that a TMN may use other technologies to implement some security services. These generic requirements do not require a PKI for implementing TMN security services.

    When using GR-3025, you may need to refer to GR-815, GR-1332, IETF RFCs 2459 and 2559, and various ITU-T Recommendations. You may also want to refer to GR-3024, and/or GR-3026.

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