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Voice over Packet: NGN Trunk Gateway Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3054
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2000

    ABSTRACT: GR-3054,Voice over Packet: NGN Trunk Gateway Generic Requirements, sets forth the functionality and interfaces for a Trunk
    Gateway (TGW) that provides a communications interface between the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Trunk interface and the
    Core Network (CN) within the Voice over Packet (VoP) architecture.

    One or more TGWs (in the same geographic region) may operate under the control of a Call Connection Agent (CCA) to provide
    interfaces to the PSTN. For voice traffic arriving at the TGW from the PSTN, the TGW extracts digital voice samples from a specified
    trunk and inserts them into data packets, which are then routed through the CN to the destination (either to a receiving TGW or an
    Access Gateway (AGW)). For data traffic arriving at the TGW from the CN, the TGW extracts the voice samples from the received packets,
    performs the inverse coding conversion, and places the resulting digital signals on a specified trunk for transmission to the
    destination (via the PSTN). In addition, the TGW may perform signal quality enhancements and silence suppression to send packets only
    when a talker is active to optimize the utilization of the CN.

    This document states in detail all aspects of the TGW functionalities, as well as its interface to the rest of the VoP network
    elements and management systems. The scope is limited to a set of "generic" functional requirements and interface specifications and
    does not present capacity, size, and throughput generic requirements, which are all vendor-specific issues.

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