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Generic Requirements for Voice over Packet End-to-End Performance

Document Number GR-3059
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2000

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-3059,Generic Requirements for Voice over Packet End-to-End Performance, sets forth generic end-to-end performance requirements for packet based networks providing voice service using Next Generation Networks (NGN) architecture. These requirements consist of performance parameters definitions, objectives, and allocation rules. The end-to-end objectives may be specialized to specific networks through the use of the allocation rules. To complement these allocation rules, objectives are also given for selected network elements in the NGN architecture. Both the case of pure IP and ATM networks are considered, along with the case of a hybrid IP and ATM network.

    These requirements provide a basis for interworking between networks, and give guidance to equipment manufacturers. They offer consistency with the minimal performance floors of standards, and can be used in network design and capacity planning.

    When using GR-3059, you may want to refer to SR-4717, ANSI T1.517, and/or ITU-T I.352, I.353, I.356, and Y.1540 (replaced I.380).

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