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VoP: NGN Customer Gateway Framework Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3061
Issue Number 01
Issue Date May 2001

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-3061, VoP: NGN Customer Gateway Framework Generic Requirements, describes the architecture, interfaces, and
    functionality of the Customer Gateway (CGW) component of a Next Generation Network (NGN) network. The Customer Gateway is Customer
    Premises Equipment (CPE) that provides an interface between end-user voice and data devices and broadband access circuits that connect
    to the NGN.

    The CGW can be structured to provide NGN access for large businesses using Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) and for residences and
    small businesses using telephones, Personal Computers (PCs), and other traditional voice and data devices. The CGW connects to the NGN
    via an Access Network that terminates at a Network Mediation Gateway (NMGW). The NMGW validates CPE-provided information for the
    purposes of end-user identification and billing, and provides an interface to the Core Network. The CGW has a signaling interface
    through the NMGW to the Call Connection Agent (CCA); the CCA assists the CGW in establishing voice calls.

    The generic criteria in this document state the architecture, interfaces, and functionality of the NGN Customer Gateway. The intent
    is to help ensure the interoperability of the components within the NGN, with other NGNs, and with other networks such as the Public
    Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), without constraining the implementation choices available to the manufacturer. The GR-3061 generic
    requirements describe the physical layer termination and real-time control functions for interfacing user voice/data devices to a
    broadband access network for NGN access. The requirements also describe the CGW interactions with the NMGW and the procedures for
    transporting user bearer information, associated signaling and control information, and data over the core packet network.

    When using GR-3061, you may need to refer to GR-30, GR-506, GR-511, ANSI T1.403, ITU-T Rec. G. 168, several IETF RFCs,
    GR-436, GR-499, TR-TSY-000754, GR-793, TR-TSY-000829, GR-3055, MDP-326-140, and/or AF-SAA-0124.000. You
    may also want to refer to GR-505, GR-524, GR-909, GR-3051, GR-3053, GR-3054, GR-3058, GR-3059,
    GR-3060, GR-3062, and/or GR-3070.

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