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Generic Requirements for a Local Location Information Server (LIS) to Support E9-1-1 Originating Location Information for IP Centrex/IP PBX

Document Number GR-3113
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Oct 2005

    ABSTRACT: Issue 2 of GR-3113, Generic Requirements for a Local Location Information Server (LIS) to Support E9-1-1 Originating Location
    Information for IP Centrex/IP PBX
    , replaces Issue 1.

    This document provides Generic Requirements for the Local Location Information Server (LIS) that is used to support 9-1-1 emergency
    calls from callers in IP-based enterprise locations that use IP Centrex and IP PBX solutions. It includes:
    • Functional requirements for the Local LIS

    • Interface requirements for the interfaces supported by the Local LIS

    • Operations, Administration and Maintenance requirements for the Local LIS.

    This GR provides a requirement for a Local Location Information Server (LIS) network element that is used to support location-based
    routing of VoIP emergency calls to an appropriate interconnection point with the emergency services infrastructure defined in the
    National Emergency Number Association (NENA) i2 Migratory Solution. (This Migratory Solution defines a new, more advanced method for
    interconnecting VoIP networks with E-911 networks than the limited-functionality NENA i1 Solutions that are in use today.)

    As a result, this GR will be useful to supplier and operators of Local LIS elements. This GR will allow suppliers and operators to
    develop and deploy Local LIS elements that will be consistent with the NENA i2 solution, and that will be interoperable with other
    elements in the NENA i2 solution (like the VPC and the VDB) that are necessary for successful completion of VoIP emergency calls. Since
    VoIP emergency calls are routed through E-911 Service Provider networks and answered by Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), this GR
    will also be useful to E-911 Service Providers and PSAPs in the Public Safety community.

    This element is a critical component of the NENA i2 Migratory Solution for support of VoIP emergency calling. Without this
    component, VoIP emergency calls are today routed to non-emergency lines, causing delays in service to VoIP callers and impacting Public
    Safety call answering policies and procedures. GR-3113-CORE will
    • Help Local LIS suppliers (and their manufacturers and developers) to provide a Local LIS that is fully compliant with the NENA
      i2 Migratory Solution.

    • Help Local LIS operators to identify required Local LIS functions and develop Local LIS implementation plans.

    • Help suppliers of interconnecting VoIP Network elements (e.g., VoIP Phones, VoIP PCs, VPCs and VDBs) to develop interfaces that are
      compatible with the LIS, and will help Local LIS suppliers and operators to develop interoperability testing plans for Local

    This GR is a public document that fully describes the functionality, interfaces, and OA&M requirements of a Local LIS. Some high-level
    requirements are provided in the NENA i2 Solution Technical Recommendations; however, these requirements generally do not include
    everything that is necessary for the complete specification of a Local LIS.

    GR-3113-CORE is being reissued to align it with the NENA i2 Solution described in document NENA 08-001, Interim VoIP Architecture
    for Enhanced 9-1-1 Services (i2)
    . Issue 2 of this GR no longer supports the concept of a Network LIS (which was included in Issue
    1). Instead, Issue 2 includes the i2 Solution Address Validation Functions (AVFs) supported by a Validation Database (VDB) and the
    interface between the Local LIS and the VDB. This change from the Network LIS approach to the AVF approach led to a major re-write. As
    a result, many Issue 1 requirement objects are now obsolete or have been replaced.

    This GR also includes one or more Issue List Reports (ILRs) that details open or closed technical issues in the main document. The
    ILR(s) are automatically sent free of charge to the GR document purchaser.

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