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    6Generic Requirements

    Generic Requirements

    GR-312 Functional Criteria for the DS1 Interface ConnectorOct 2003
    GR-3120 Generic Requirements for Hardened Fiber Optic Connectors (HFOCs) and Hardened Fiber Optic Adapters (HFOAs)Apr 2010
    GR-3122 Generic Requirements for a Factory-Installed Termination System (FITS)Oct 2006
    GR-3125 Generic Requirements for Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs)Dec 2016
    GR-3126 Generic Requirements for Wall Plates, Moldings, and Raceways that Support Fiber Optic Services (Including Fiber to the Premises [FTTP])Dec 2005
    GR-3129 Emergency Services Gateway (ESGW) Generic RequirementsDec 2007