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Generic Requirements for High Density Feeder Distribution Interconnection and Surge Protection

Document Number GR-3154
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jan 2009

    ABSTRACT: GR-3154 Issue 1, contains criteria for analyzing integrated surge protection devices used in a variety of outside plant environments and applications, including those in remote terminals and building entrance facilities.
    This new GR, developed with extensive industry input:

    • Is the only industry document that contains all the general, electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements for integrated surge protection devices
    • Provides functional design criteria, desired features, and the performance tests for comparing integrated surge protection devices with the stated requirements
    Major service providers reference GR-3154 as the base industry requirements for these products.

    Written by Ernie Gallo, Director of Network and Product Integrity at Telcordia, who is well-known in the telecom industry as the author of over 30 technical documents and articles on outside plant issues, including electrical protection.

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