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Generic Requirements for Voltage Detectors

Document Number GR-3179
Issue Number 01
Issue Date May 2018

    GR-3179 presents proposed generic requirements applicable to foreign voltage detectors. The purpose of the foreign voltage detector is to provide advance warning on extremely hazardous voltages.

    GR-3179 includes:

    • General requirements for construction safety, marking, hazardous voltage, packing and shipping, quality assurance, product design, powering, self-inspection and grounding
    • Electrical requirements for dielectric withstand, flammability and meeting of FCC criteria
    • Environmental requirements for vibration; salt fog; water, ultraviolet, fungus, and chemical resistance; high-temperature storage; and temperature cycling
    • Operational tests.

    When using GR-3179, you may want to refer to these other related NEBS equipment protection requirements documents: GR-63, GR-209, and GR-2759, and various standards and industry forum documentation.

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