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OTGR Section 1: Introduction

Document Number GR-471
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jan 1995
Replaces TR-NWT-000471 Issue05

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-NWT-000471.

    This document is one of a group of documents consolidating the views of Telcordia on generic operations technology requirements into one Technical Reference called the Operations Technology Generic Requirements (OTGR). Operations functions include memory and system administration, network maintenance (surveillance and access and testing), network traffic management, measurements and data generation. In addition, such technology includes generic requirements for operations interfaces, user system interfaces, generic operations interfaces, operations application messages, and embedded operations interfaces.

    This Generic Requirements (GR) document provides an overview of the OTGR, including purpose and scope, and includes an abstract and status category, (e.g., NEW, REISSUED) for each OTGR module.

    It also contains an index of information that has migrated to the OTGR, an index of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) operations requirements in the OTGR, and a comprehensive OTGR glossary.

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