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    10Generic Requirements

    Generic Requirements

    GR-57 Functional Criteria for Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) SystemsOct 2001
    GR-570 LSSGR: Speed Calling, FSD 01-02-1101Jun 2000
    GR-571 LSSGR: Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1201Jun 2000
    GR-572 LSSGR: Cancel Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1204Jun 2000
    GR-573 LSSGR: Business Group Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1205Jun 2000
    GR-574 LSSGR: Business Group Automatic Callback, FSD 01-02-1240Jun 2000
    GR-575 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1090Jun 2000
    GR-577 LSSGR: Three-Way Calling, FSD 01-02-1301Jun 2000
    GR-578 LSSGR: Usage-Sensitive Three-Way Calling (FSD 01-02-1304)Sep 2003
    GR-579 LSSGR: Add-on Transfer and Conference Calling Features, FSD 01-02-1305Jun 2000