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LSSGR: Remote Call Forwarding, FSD 01-02-1402

Document Number GR-581
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 2000
Replaces TR-TSY-000581 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-581 replaces TR-TSY-000581, Issue 1, but contains NO TECHNICAL CHANGES from that original document. It has been issued strictly to
    conform with the new Telcordia Technologies document format and GR process, and carries a new issue number and date.

    It is sometimes advantageous for a telephone subscriber to provide others with a telephone number other than his/her Directory
    Number DN). Such action could allow others to call at little or no cost. The Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) feature provides for all
    calls to a DN to be permanently forwarded, through the Direct Distance Dialing (DDD) network, to a remote DN. RCF is similar to Call
    Forwarding Variable (CFV), which is described in GR-580-CORE. The RCF differences are as follows:

    • The forwarding is always activated

    • No physical telephone is associated with the RCF base DN

    • Simultaneous calls (up to a limit) may be active between the base switching office and the RCF remote DN

    • RCF calls may require gain

    • The forwarded-to number cannot be changed by direct customer action

    This Generic Requirements document (GR) describes the Telcordia view of generic requirements for the RCF feature.

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