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    8Generic Requirements

    Generic Requirements

    GR-60 Generic Requirements for Wooden Utility PolesDec 2011
    GR-600 LSSGR: Private Facility Access, FSD 02-01-0000Jun 2000
    GR-601 LSSGR: Outward Wide Area Telecommunications Service (FSD 02-01-0030)Jun 2000
    GR-602 LSSGR: Customer Control (FSD 02-02-0010)Jun 2000
    GR-603 LSSGR: Outgoing Facility Group Queuing (FSD 02-02-0200)Jun 2000
    GR-604 LSSGR: Automatic Flexible Routing (FSD 02-02-0300)Jun 2000
    GR-605 LSSGR: Authorization Codes for Automatic Flexible Routing (AFR) and Account Codes for Basic Business Group and AFR (FSD 02-02-1010)Jun 2000
    GR-606 LSSGR: Common Channel Signaling, Section 6.5Dec 2004