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    24Generic Requirements

    Generic Requirements

    GR-8 Digital Interface between the SLC(R)-96 Digital Loop Carrier System and a Local Digital SwitchOct 2001
    GR-811 OTGR Section 12: Operations Application Messages - TL1 Messages IndexJun 1997
    GR-815 Generic Requirements For Network Element/Network System (NE/NS) SecurityMar 2002
    GR-818 OTGR Section 6.1: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Generic Test ArchitectureDec 1995
    GR-819 OTGR Section 6.2: Network Maintenance: Access Testing - Special Services (SS) and SS-Like NetworksDec 1995
    GR-82 Signaling Transfer Point (STP) Generic RequirementsDec 2011
    GR-820 Generic Digital Transmission SurveillanceDec 2010
    GR-822 OTGR Section 6.3: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Switched Circuits, and Public Packet Switched Network (PPSN)Dec 1995
    GR-823 OTGR Section 6.4: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)Dec 1995
    GR-826 OTGR Section 10.2: User Interface Generic Requirements For Supporting Network Element OperationsJul 1994
    GR-828 OTGR Section 11.2: Operations Technology Generic Requirements (OTGR): Generic Operations Interface - OSI Communications ArchitectureOct 1996
    GR-831 Operations Application Messages - Language For Operations Application MessagesNov 1996
    GR-833 TL1 Surveillance and Maintenance MessagesDec 2010
    GR-834 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing MessagesJun 2000
    GR-836 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Information Model Overview: Transport Configuration and Surveillance For Network ElementsMar 2000
    GR-836-IMD OTGR: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model Details: Transport Configuration and Surveillance for Network ElementsMar 2000
    GR-839 Generic Requirements For Supplier-Provided TrainingJul 1996
    GR-840 Supplier Support Generic RequirementsJun 2000
    GR-844 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing-TSC/RTU Generic Requirements For Metallic Loop TestingNov 1995
    GR-853 ISDN Call ForwardingOct 1998
    GR-858 Flexible Calling For Managing Multiple Independent CallsDec 1998
    GR-862 ISDN Automatic Message Accounting Generic RequirementsJan 1998
    GR-866 ISDN Message Service Generic Switching and Signaling RequirementsJul 1995
    GR-892 Switching System Operations Generic Requirements for ISDNDec 1995