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CABS (Carrier Access Billing System) Version 50 Summary

Document Number SR-4455-V50
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2010

    ABSTRACT: The Version 50 Summary provides a synopsis, by topic, of the changes that will be contained in Transmittal 83 of the CABS Billing Output Specifications. The Version Summary explains, on an item-by-item approach, the changes being made for a particular version. This item-by-item approach avoids a review of the entire CABS BOS to determine what changes are being incorporated. It is a stand-alone document primarily intended for programmers, analysts, and spec writers.

    The Version 50 Summary addresses 4 "major" items of change impacting the following records: OC&C Phrase and USOC Data, Wireless Usage Detail-Local Transport, Unbundled End Office Usage Detail and CSR Service and Features USOC Amount.

    Version 50 becomes effective September 2010.

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