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Carrier Access Billing Systems (CABS) V55 Summary

Document Number SR-4455-V55
Issue Number 02
Issue Date May 2015

    ABSTRACT: The Version 55 Summary provides a synopsis, by topic, of the changes that will be contained in Transmittal 88 of the CABS Billing
    Output Specifications (BOS). The Version Summary explains, on an item-by-item approach, the changes being made for a particular
    version. This item-by-item approach avoids a review of the entire CABS BOS to determine what changes are being incorporated. It is a
    stand-alone document primarily intended for programmers, analysts, and spec writers.

    The Version 55 Summary contains new assignments for billing Fiber to the Internet. These assignments include the creation of two new
    records (Fiber to the Internet Call Detail - Data - 10-32-02-50, and Fiber to the Internet Usage Summary - 10-32-05-00). In addition, a
    new Type of Account (TOA) X was created for Fiber to the Internet and serveral data elements have been updated to reflect the new TOA
    and new record(s). A new Data Element, Type of Account X, was created. In addition to the Fiber to the Internet assignments, Version 55
    includes assignments for Composite Terminating End Office Charges (CTEOC) associated with the provisions of the FCC Order 11-161. A new
    Phrase Code (788) was created as Adjustment of Composite Terminating End Office Charges to adjust previously billed Composite
    Terminating access charges. A new data element (Composite Terminating End Office Charge [CTEOC]) was created and new values were added
    to End Office Element and Wireless End Office Element.

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