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Telcordia Notes on Operator Services...FREE

Document Number SR-NOTES-SERIES-18
Issue Number 01
Issue Date May 2002

    ABSTRACT: This document is a complete guide to Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Operator Services. The term Operator Services refers to a broad
    range of fully and partially automated, and manual, assistance and information services. For example, Operator Services include
    directory assistance services typically accessed by dialing 411 or 555-1212, 0- assistance services, 0+ alternately billed and handled
    services, coin services, and intercept services. Two popular Operator Services include directory assistance and calling card billing.

    Telcordia Notes on Operator Services is a first of its kind for this industry, defining the wide variety of Operator Services
    architectures, capabilities, features, and signaling in one comprehensive document. This Special Report provides a quick reference to
    current and emerging Operator Services technical information for service providers and equipment suppliers involved with the Operator
    Services and directory assistance industries. In addition, the document describes the Operator Services in a simple, high-level
    manner as compared to the more detailed generic requirements that are referenced throughout the Special Report.

    Telcordia Notes on Operator Services describes both the current environment and the anticipated evolution of this industry. The
    current environment overview describes the existing: Operator Services, dialing sequences, architectures, capabilities, signaling,
    billing information, and force measurements. The evolutionary discussion addresses the evolving services and technologies, including
    the latest speech technology advancements as well as enhanced versions of Directory Assistance services.

    Although Operator Services continues to be a traditional voice-based technology industry, some convergence is occurring with other
    newer industries and technologies, including Telematics, Voice Portals, and On-Line Yellow Pages and Directories. As a result, members
    of these industries can also benefit from Telcordia Notes on Operator Services through an understanding of traditional and emerging
    Operator Services technology.

    With the Telcordia Notes on Technology series of documents, Telcordia Technologies has devised a starting point for your search
    through the rapidly developing world of telecommunications. Written by the authors of the successful Telcordia Notes on the Networks
    document SR-2275, this series similarly contains technical material of interest to engineering and planning groups, as well as
    descriptions of the characteristics and background of these subjects in layman's terms. The difference is that Telcordia Notes on
    Technology zeroes in on one technology in each document and breaks it down into manageable terms. From the history, background, and
    basic elements through a discussion of what the future may bring, our subject matter experts cover the important aspects in as few
    words as possible. Each document in the series deals with complex, highly technical subjects, and presents the information in a way
    that makes it accessible and understandable to a variety of readers.

    A related document is SR-2275.

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