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Generic Requirements for Modular Connecting Blocks

Document Number TR-NWT-001334
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Nov 1993
Replaces TA-NWT-001334 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: The modular connecting block is composed of hardware that is used to mount, protect, and enclose standard network jacks.

    This Technical Reference (TR) presents Telcordia Technologies view of generic requirements for modular connecting blocks and the common individual components that constitute these products. These generic requirements are intended to promote consistency and reliability when installing modular connecting blocks within a telephone network. It is also necessary to provide generic requirements for the individual components (miniature 6-position jacks, mounting plates, faceplate, split rubber grommet, connecting wires, and conductor terminals) of the connecting blocks to minimize any mechanical or electrical incompatibilities within existing network elements.

    TR-NWT-001334 replaces TA-NWT-001332.

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