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Optical Cable Placing Winches

Document Number TR-TSY-000187
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 1985

    ABSTRACT: This Technical Reference (TR) provides the Telcordia view of generic requirements for underground optical cable-placing winches. This document is not meant to specify a complete definition of a product, nor does it intend to imply that these requirements represent a specific equipment design to be used for procurement purposes. Separate sections of this document are devoted to physical, mechanical, environmental, human factors, safety, operational, and quality assurance considerations, and test methods are included for comparing the product against the generic requirements.

    The test methods specified for analyzing optical cable-placing winches are intended to reflect the composite picture of working conditions existing in most Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) and other service providers.

    TR-TSY-000187 replaced TA-628-23344-84-01.

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