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Public Terminals Generic Requirements

Document Number TR-TSY-000456
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Nov 1989
Replaces TA-TSY-000456 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: Public terminals are telecommunications terminals designed to be used in public places by people away from their home or work environment. They provide telecommunications services to the user via features and functions that reside in the terminal, in the network, or in a combination of both.

    This Technical Reference (TR) provides the view of Telcordia on generic functional requirements for public terminal equipment. This document does not, in itself, contain all pertinent requirements for public terminals. Rather, it concentrates on requirements unique to public telecommunications.

    Bulletin 1 modifies Section, "Coin Tone Frequencies," and Section, "Coin Tone Amplitude," to make this document consistent with the generic LATA Switching Systems Generic Requirements (LSSGR) for the reception of those tones.

    TR-TSY-000456 replaces TA-TSY-000046 and TA-TSY-000456.

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