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OTGR Section 5.2: Network Maintenance: Transport Surveillance-Additional Transport and Transport-Based Surveillance

Document Number TR-TSY-000821
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 1990

    ABSTRACT: This Technical Reference (TR) presents the view of Telcordia on the criteria necessary to support the surveillance-based maintenance of
    Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Access (BRA) transmission facilities, ISDN D-Channels, Common Channel Signaling
    (CCS) signaling links, Public Packet-Switched Network (PPSN) trunk and high-speed access lines, and circuits terminating on switching

    This document builds upon the surveillance principles and concepts developed in GR-820-CORE, Generic Digital Transmission
    and applies them to additional transport or transport-based entities. In general, a Network Element (NE) can provide
    two types of surveillance information:
    (1) information pertaining to the quality or health of the transport or transport-based entity that it monitors
    (2) information related to its own hardware/software troubles. This document focuses on the surveillance criteria for transport-based

    Revision 1 replaces Subsection 2, "ISDN Basic Access Transmission Surveillance," of the document. All changed or new technical
    matter in the revision has been flagged with "change bars" in the right margin.

    Revision 2 adds Section 3.5.6. adds requirements for the protocol abnormality log. The new requirements enable the protocol
    abnormality log to record historical information for abnormalities that occur on X.75' interoffice packet trunks. Previously, the
    protocol abnormality log recorded historical information for abnormalities that occur on ISDN access lines only.

    Revision 3 modifies Terminal Endpoint Identifier (TEI)-management requirements to apply for Basic Rate Interfaces (BRIs) only and
    will not be supported for Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs). In addition, minor corrections and clarifications regarding currently
    exiting requirements are included in this revision.

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